Flame 1.0 enabled easy game development on Flutter. The community is booming. I’ve produced 49 tutorial videos in 2022 on Flame 1.0 to help the growing community. Flame is a minimalistic game engine with a lot of power and flexibility.

A story of Keiko and Ken in old Japan unfolds in 11 videos.

1. Flutter Game Development Introduction
2. Flutter Game Development Setup
3. Run Flutter Code on Android, Desktop, Web — For Flame Tutorial
4. How to Get Free Game Graphics
5. How to Load Sprites
6. Get Screen Size in Flame for Flutter Game Development
7. Sprite Movement in Flutter Game Development
8. Add Text to Flutter Visual Novel Game with Flame
9. Add tappable butotn to Flutter Flame games
10. Deploy Flutter Web Games to GitHub pages
11. Button control
12. Add background music



Craig Oda

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